Cryptography: women lead the way

University of Singularity / It’s no confidentiel that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been – and still is – male-dominated, including on the investment and leadership side. While there has been progress and progress in the field of gender parity since the “cryptocurrency and lambos” days of the old days, there is still a lot … Read more

Devis to opt out of using Bitcoin privately – Bitcoin Périodique

This is an editorial by Anthony Feliciano, Bitcoin Event Organizer and Advisor. Now for the additionnel division of my series on how our smartphones spy on us. You can find the first division here. In this division I will talk embout: Remove your preste operating system from Googling. Getting around your SIM, eSIM, and IMEI … Read more

Pulp Image, NFTs and Numérique Art Copieuse

Miramax and Quentin Tarantino decided it was really more exciting You don’t have permissionAs Mia Wallace said in the movie Pulp Image. Director and corriger appartement Settlement of a lawsuit On his NFT “Pulp Image” set, which included unreleased scenes and photos of the scénario along with the director’s commentary. Miramax hit Tarantino with a … Read more

How Big Eyes Renfoncement Aims to Earn 100 Times More Opimes Than Decentraland and Solana

Pionnier cryptocurrencies such as Decentraland (MANA) and Solana (SOL) have been making waves in the cryptocurrency industry since its inception. However, the new cryptocurrency known as big eyes coin BIG aims to do more by providing new features to users and ultimately increasing the accord of cryptocurrencies worldwide. Introducing Big Eyes Renfoncement (BIG) Big Eyes … Read more