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It’s no confidentiel that the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been – and still is – male-dominated, including on the investment and leadership side. While there has been progress and progress in the field of gender parity since the “cryptocurrency and lambos” days of the old days, there is still a lot of attention required.

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In fact, one important data inventaire is the 378 venture-backed crypto and blockchain companies established worldwide between 2012 and 2018, only one had an all-female founding team, and only 8.2% had a cohort of both male and female founders. , according to the Blockchain Diversity Attente.

Likewise, a lack of diversity is also present in other areas of cryptography, including academia and government.

However, against this contexte, some women have secured leadership positions in various areas and are paving the way, including Securities and Exchange Se remuer (SEC) Commissioner Hester Pierce and Kathy Wood of Ark Invest.

“I find it incredibly encouraging and inspiring to see strong women make their mark in a space currently dominated by men. This is an enhancement parce que of épreuve there is room for us in coding,” said Diana Brown, Head of People at Echo. Few inspiring women into leadership positions and guiding the way for us – a reminder that there is plenty of room for all of us. We are getting the experience we want in these early days of cryptocurrency.”

Hester Pierce: ‘Crypto Mom’

Pierce, who has been a SEC commissioner since 2018, is known as the “mother of crypto.” She is a strong arborer of cryptocurrency and often a voice in dissent with the SEC’s regulatory emplacement on the space.

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For example, in response to the SEC’s announcement in May that it would soutien the unit responsible for protecting investors in cryptocurrency markets by adding 50 dedicated positions, Pierce tweeted: “The SEC is a regulatory agency with an executive tronçon, not Executive agency. Why do we lead enforcement in cryptography?”

While women are underrepresented in the cryptocurrency industry, it is bizarre to have a regulator who is a woman and also very supportive of cryptocurrencies, as some état.

“This is where the Securities and Exchange Se remuer’s Hester Peirce comes in,” said Ming Duan, co-founder of soubresaut market platform Web3 Umee. “It is no impression that the SEC and the crypto world have been on edge lately, yet Hester has stood her ground. It showed that a new expectative was needed towards new technologies, demonstrating that there was plenty of room for the old system to adapt and advance. I guess that’s why everyone refers to her as the Crypto Mom.”

Doan added that the industry really appreciates their hard work and goodwill, including élégant proposals like the safe haven idea.

In April 2021, Pierce proposed Safe Harbor, which “seeks to provide network developers with a three-year grace period during which they can, under transparent circumstances, facilitate quote-part in and development of a functional or decentralized network, libéré from the registration provende of the federal securities laws.”

This makes her “hopeful that more women will not only get into cryptocurrency, but the government as well, and Hester Pierce is truly a role model for the voliger,” said Duane.

Cathy Wood: A précise and visionary fermeté

Wood, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, is known for her bold predictions and moves, as well as being a huge arborer of Bitcoin and a visionary.

“We believe that Bitcoin is the most profound tentative of révélé blockchains, the foundation of ‘self-sovereign’ numérique money,” Ark wrote in a January refus. “The Bitcoin protocol has enabled two more revolutions: the financial (DeFi) and the Internet (Web3) revolutions.”

According to Ark estimates at the time, the price of one bitcoin could exceed $1 million by 2030.

While the cryptocurrency world has experienced a downturn in recent months, Wood reiterated her prediction in April, telling Yahoo Acquitté: “I don’t think people believed me when I said that on pause last week at Bitcoin 2022. But I meant it.

“And a lot of people think, ‘Okay, so you’re assuming institutional investors become huge bitcoin owners. “No, we are not. However, we assume that they will move gradually.”

Kayla Kruet, co-founder of Koii Network, a decentralized publishing protocol and Web3 library, said, “Although ARK has not had its greatest year, this can be said of many forward-looking projects in any market; taking a step back, it should We recognize how positively the strength Wood has been in making superbe technological breakthroughs through its investment savvy.”

According to Kroot, Wood sees trends years in advance of the logiciel, and her early understanding of Bitcoin’s potential to transform the economy is an marquant example of her ability to predict trends.

“When all the naysayers were telling her that bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole were not worth much, she stuck to her instincts.” Cards said. “And she has been proven right. Even if the price of bitcoin drops this year, the cryptocurrency market and the technologies that underpin the industry are not going anywhere.”

Additionally, Crott said Wood has impressive leadership skills and an innate ability to identify groundbreaking technologies that will one day converti the world.

“She is an chaleur not only to women in the crypto space, but to all women and marginalized people who strive to be the best in their professional development,” Krot added. “I think in five years we’ll genre back and think embout the way Wood was right embout so many early pause technologies.”

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