How to Get a Full-Ride Scholarship

    Fully funded scholarship is an alluring thing !The vast majority of the students, if not all, are craving for fully funded scholarships. They all know the ‘what’ but few know the ‘how’, in this article we will provide you with the most effective ways on how to win that prestigious scholarship.

    • Know Where to Look:

    Looking for full scholarships using search engines is an effective hack, but which search engines are the best?

    First and foremost, check your university’s website and the financial aid office in case they may offer their own application opportunities. Besides you college, you can check the following useful links and resources:

    These links include numerous opportunities that cover all the expenses and are focused on specific segments of the society, for instance African Students.

    • Get Prepared Early:

    Early and advanced preparation is the secret key to get accepted especially if the scholarship you are applying for asks to prepare portfolio or a video and you may have to attend an interview, hence, interviews decided whether your going to be accepted or not. Make your own research about the scholarship to get a background knowledge about them so you can answer their questions easily. Also, prepare a few questions for the interviewers to be ready when invited to at the end of the interview. Check out how to answer common admission interview questions for further advice.

    • Stay Positive and Work Hard:

    The harder you work for the scholarships, the greater you will feel when you achieve it. Achieving the scholarship is not an easy task since there are some full-ride scholarships that take both the financial needs and the academic performance into account. Therefore, you are required to work hard in your studies and improve your grades. In some opportunities, the application form for your university is required or the same for the full scholarship application,  that is your scores are highly crucial. Set up your goals and keep your spirits high.

    • Stand out From the Crowd:

    You should show the outstanding part of you to best the other applicants since there are a lot of competition out there. You can attract the full scholarship’s providers by being involved in building a better community, clubs, charitable activities, or taking part in a volunteer work for a good cause. Show them the spirit of leadership and cooperation in group works by leading projects in your community work or extracurricular activities. Besides, building a strong relationship with your teachers and mentors is of a great importance since they can write a recommendation letter about you. A dazzling report will certainly enhance your opportunities to get accepted.

    • Read the Application Instructions Carefully:

    Although it’s too obvious that you’re going to read all the instructions, but make sure to read cautiously and repeatedly and check several times all the documents and the information. If anything seems vague, contact the scholarship’s provider via email to clarify it.

    • Submit an Attractive Essay:

    You essay or cover letter should be alluring and grabs the reader’s attention by being concise and precise, use simple and straightforward language, stay limited to the topic, respect the writing mechanics including: spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization and abbreviations. Your essay should be unified, well coherent and cohesive. Make sure to start your essay with an attractive hook and end it with a clincher. For further advice check out this helpful article on submitting a winning scholarship written by the winner of QS scholarships .

    To sum up, it’s true that getting a fully funded scholarship is a hard task but it’s still possible if you follow the right path and set up your goals well you may get more than one since you can apply in different and various scholarships. Work Hard and be patient because great things take time. Always remember, stay dedicated because it’s not going to happen overnight.

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